Phentermine is the name of a controversial substance previously used for weight loss and deemed as a drug dangerous to health. Much similar to amphetamine, it was considered a powerful stimulant able to trigger dramatic weight loss, especially in conjunction with exercise and diet.

Phentermine has appetite suppression effects, as it acts directly on the central nervous system. Under the strict supervision of a doctor, this substance was prescribed to help even obese individuals shed excessive weight and become leaner.

Soon, however, Phentemine was seen as the dangerous compound it actually was. First of all, the interactions were off-putting, as well as the side effects and the risks with preexisting conditions. It does not work well when there’s heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid or lung issues. Besides, it can interact in noxious with other drugs.

There were even cases of allergy to Phentemine. Another significant issue was the drug’s ability to create addiction. Any supplementation would not have to last longer than two weeks. There are already enough reasons to see why the substance was eventually banned in many countries, in spite of its proven efficiency in weight loss efforts.

Would this mean that the overweight and the obese were left without hope on their fight against fat? Not quite so. Researchers tried to replicate Phentermine in a way less harmful to health; they tried and succeeded to create very similar formulations, while dodging the side effects and the addictive quality. The weight loss products using these are now marketed with names containing ‘Phen’ and are thus easily to identify.

What is Phen375?phen375 reviews

Phen375 is an already popular diet pill based on the so-called spectacular effects of Phentermine, but a much safer variation. It claims to have weight reducing properties that are quick to produce results.

It can help people with a serious weight issue shed a number of pounds, when nothing else worked.

This is a pharmacy-grade diet pill, which signifies it’s potent and concentrated; the matter should not be taken lightly. Everyone needs to be very careful with the pharmaceutical range of weight loss supplements. Before taking this, one must consider:

  • Doctor visits and scheduling medical tests,
  • Eliminating health concerns,
  • Committing to a weight loss program,
  • Becoming highly disciplined.

Phen375 is supposed to be part of a whole slimming program, including an exercise and meal schedule created by a doctor. However, it can be purchased without a prescription.

The pill, made in the United States, has a powerful fat burning effect, much in the likes of strong pharmaceutical drugs designed for this purpose. It acts on the old deposits of fat, as well as on any future adipose accumulation. It increases the metabolism and therefore the body becomes more efficient at burning any ingested fat.

Phen375 represents a scientifically researched and advanced formula, burning fat round the clock, day by day. It can power up weight loss when one is failing to see any relevant results, in spite of making efforts to accomplish that goal. The potency, the ingredients and their action make it a unique supplement. Moreover, it gets one rid of excessive fat for good, as the pounds won’t return as soon as they’re off the pill.

Benefits of Phen375

Many of the benefits of Phen375 are already in the description. Shortly put, this is what the product does when taken as directed by its manufacturer:

  • It improves the metabolism,
  • Increases fat burning,
  • Stimulates the mind and body,
  • Suppresses hunger and cravings,
  • Melts fat round the clock,
  • Produces fast results,
  • Prevents new fat accumulation,
  • Helps you change your lifestyle for the better.

Through its way of action, especially through the boosts it gives, the pill can get you to fill a lot better on a daily basis. Besides, since it acts as a stimulant, and a highly effective one actually, it will get you to accomplish so much more.

You can finally begin to include daily workouts in your daily schedule, so that you can lose fat more rapidly and build muscle. Even if you don’t do that, it will still trigger weight loss through its metabolism-boosting action. Because it acts from multiple angles, it is one of the most interesting products for weight loss.


Phen375 Ingredients

Phen375 may have a very misleading name. In terms of chemistry, this is nothing like those dangerous, noxious Phentermine-based pills of old age. Instead, we have an innovative formula that’s using powerful, highly concentrated natural extracts. It is produced only with refined ingredients that have been thoroughly checked. Here are the main ones:

  • L-Carnitine (this is well known to bodybuilders, as it’s present in countless supplements for muscle mass. L-Carnitine mobilizes existing fat and sends it to the blood stream, to be used for energy production)
  • Citrus Aurantium (this also mobilizes fat and speeds up the metabolism)
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous (tones down most food cravings, preventing you from snacking or overeating)
  • Coleus Forskolii Root PE (a natural plant extract with profound action at a cellular level, making cells more capable to generate energy on their own and improve various bodily processes)
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract (it has a warming effect at cellular level, meaning it increases the body’s temperature, thus starting to burn more fat)
  • Dendrobium Noble Extract (this is a type of orchid and its intriguing extract can improve digestion and lead to a correct absorption of nutrients)
  • Calcium Carbonate (usually used for bone strength, it also leads to weight loss through its influence on the metabolism of fat; it increases thermogenesis and the breakdown of lipids, inhibiting the appetite)
  • Chromium Picolinate (it reduces your post-meal blood sugar levels and makes you eat less carbs if administered in the long run; has weight loss effects when combined with cardio instead of strength training)
  • Sympathomimetic amine (a stimulant, it boosts AMP levels, increasing energy and the overall metabolism)
  • Capsaicin (a well known substance to increase the heat, helping burn close to 300 more calories than normal).

There is already enough evidence to be searched concerning the above-mentioned ingredients and their role in weight loss. The Phen375 pill is manufactured in accordance with all the good practices.

Two formulations are available, for the US, respectively, for the EU. The latter lack a few ingredients, because the EU does not yet allow everything that’s in the original version. This doesn’t mean the product isn’t effective, though. It will still act as expected, only with minor drawbacks. Just give it more time and have persistence.

Phen375 Side Effects

Given that you don’t have an underlying condition and aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, you should be safe from most of the harmful effects this formulation may have.

As with any strong weight loss pills, Phen375 also comes with certain warnings. Still, it is all up to each person, since everyone is different.

In any case, we are dealing with a product that has gained the trust of certified trainers and nutritionists, therefore it cannot be a scam, nor a disaster to one’s health.

It does not melt fatty tissue away through unnatural or harmful means, but stimulates and empowers the body to make the right changes, in order to start burning lipids with more ease.

The side effects you may experience may differ. It is possible to have an upset stomach with the first doses. This symptom goes away soon.

Many consumers complain about increased thirst – which is actually a good sign and should make one drink more water, to flush out the toxins that come with dislocated and melted fat. It may also modify your stool consistency or color. In addition, one may get the typical symptoms of caffeine allergy, such as tremor, dizziness, shortness of breath and palpitations. If you are normally tolerating caffeine well, then you shouldn’t have such issues (given that you don’t overdose on caffeine).

Does Phen375 Work?

As stated before, this diet pill can be very surprising indeed. Phen375 can trigger weight loss without any effort on your side but the more you do, the better the outcome. This means that opting for healthier foods with a lower caloric count, downsizing your meals and exercising at least three times per week will have a significant impact on your weight eventually.

Don’t worry if you were never able to do all of that, though; this is exactly what Phen375 is here to help you with. Just have a look at the benefits listed above. Also, read the conclusions after having seen numerous reviews of the product. Although not everyone experiences weight loss at the same rate, the pill is sure to work.

The results are directly proportional to the effort one puts in it. It is also important to set some realistic goals. Nevertheless, spectacular body transformation is at hand with this revolutionary product. The formula hints at careful engineering combined with a knowledge of natural sources and principles, as well as with great potency.

Is Phen375 Safe?

Phentermine has a whole series of side effects, such as restlessness, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, anxiety, swelling, chest pain, heart rhythm irregularities, insomnia etc. Its substitutes come from natural sources and don’t do as much harm. Phen375 usually causes mild stomach discomfort during the first days of administration. Soon the sensation subsides.

However, not everyone gets to feel this way but only a few. Because of its stimulating effect, it can boost the blood pressure and cause mild discomfort to the heart, lead to dizziness and other such symptoms, frequently associated with stimulants. If it’s taken late in the day (around 6 pm or later), it may disturb one’s sleep patterns.

The pill must be taken only as directed and preferably after having a medical consultation. Do not attempt to self-medicate and always respect the correct dosage. Never take more in hopes of boosting or speeding the effect. As long as you respect the directions and have patience for it to begin its work, then you may only experience very mild side effects or none at all.

Phen375 Customer Reviews

Phentermine diet pills were extremely popular and naturally, people have been very interested in anything that would resemble those – especially in a product as safe as Phen375. Thus, we already have plenty of relevant reviews out there.

The way this pill works is no longer a mystery. It’s been tried already by thousands of people with heavy frames, most of these claiming it does have body- and life-changing properties. One can lose as much as 50 pounds in two to three months, as reported by several previously obese people.

Such results were frequently reported by individuals with a severe weight issue, with a starting number that was much above 200 pounds and reaching 300. The even better news about the pill is that it has a uniform effect – each person lost weight from all the parts of their body: legs, arms, waist, chest etc. It made them stop overeating and nibbling on high-calorie snacks.

In some, it has even developed a healthier appetite, for foods like greens and fresh fruit. Many have also claimed they could feel changes right from the first dose. They noticed certain changes within, expressed through a more positive mood and increased energy. Specialists know that such modifications come with an improved metabolism.

Many could see results with taking the pills and either dieting or exercising. However, the biggest weight loss was achieved by those who minded both regular exercise and eating habits. The best results are always brought by the combination of food choices  + portion control. Phen375 helped people slim down when there was no other hope but surgery.

Some individuals claimed it has replaced costly surgical procedures of fat removal, such as liposuction. Others have reported feeling more energetic with Phen375, which had a much-desired snowball effect. They managed to do more for their well-being, including exercising more effectively thanks to the increased stamina, thus powering up their weight loss.

The conclusion is: none of those who tried Phen375 could drop this much weight without help from the pills, using the more or less known methods.

Phen375 Results

If by now you thought you must somehow be ‘defective’ since you cannot lose weight no matter what, you can eliminate that belief as you start using Phen375. This first gets one to lose weight by curbing their appetite and boosting their metabolism. The latter is a very complex process; as the metabolism increases, one not only burns more fat, but also enjoys heightened levels of energy and stamina.

It is perfectly possible to drop 20 lbs in the first stage only. Usually, people drop 50 pounds in three months; some lost as much as 80 pounds for the whole duration of the treatment. In addition to fat loss, this supplement makes it easier to put on muscle. This isn’t only beneficial to one’s image. The more muscle you have, the easier it becomes to keep a healthy fat balance.

And finally, there is one more exciting aspect: there is no need to drink coffee or have any caffeine-based stimulants while taking Phen375. It does all that, therefore you have no need to still engage in possibly harmful habits. Take Phen375 to supercharge your weight loss and get a leaner body frame.

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Phen375 FAQ Answered

It is perfectly normal to have loads of questions before trying one of the world’s most promising and intriguing slimming pills. While we hope we managed to address many of your questions by now, we will try to answer some more.

  • Can I trust the manufacturer?

The pill is produced in the USA and 100% quality guaranteed, with well researched ingredients. This is all done in conformity with the current dietary supplement and medication regulations.

  • Here should I buy this from?

The problem with any popular weight loss product on the market is that many sellers may supply with counterfeit versions. For this reason, one should always order from the brand’s official website or from its registered affiliates. Take advantage of the existing offers and price discounts for bigger orders, as you will need to order several jars anyway for an effective trial.

  • How does the product get shipped?

Each order is processed with, with priority mail and priority international mail. The warehouse is located in Texas. If you live at a maximum of three states away, the company will ship your order via rapid first class mail.

  • Can my order be tracked?

Yes. Each package has a tracking number assigned to it. The buyer receives the number by email. If you didn’t get it, you may phone the company or send it an email.

  • Can it ship to my country?

All packages are sent off from Dallas, Texas. While these can be shipped to most countries of the world, some may have restrictions. Embargo situations may hamper the shipping of parcels, as well as the nature of the goods. So far, only New Zealand refuses to accept over-the-counter Phen375 weight loss pills without prescription.

  • How long does it take to get my package?

Dispatching takes only 1-2 days. Once shipped, the transit may last up to 15 business days for international destinations and between 2 to 5 days for domestic orders.

  • Will Phen375 work for me?

Although this is usually very hard to tell, as each person can be so different from the next one, the vast majority of reviews suggests that it will work for pretty much anyone. This is a unique pill based on a plethora of powerful ingredients, triggering weight loss synergistically. It should function regardless of how heavy you are or of which habits you have developed so far. Expect gradual results.

If you have other questions besides these, consult the FAQ on the official website.


The severely overweight have not been robbed by their hope when the original Phentermine products went off the market. With Phen375, a new generation arises, without the dreaded side effects and dangers.

It is a revolutionary product which addresses some of the most annoying and frustrating causes of fat retention: a slow metabolism, excessive hunger and cravings, low energy, poor energy balance.

It instills change from the very first dose and is quick to show results. The weight loss is consistent while on this pill and the treatment can last up to several months without interruptions and addiction, unlike with the old products of this kind (which were limited to a two weeks’ time).

Once you’re done with the pills and you achieved what you envisioned, the weight you shed will not come back to you. Besides, the cost per day isn’t high at all. Phen375 is more like a form of medication: well researched, lab-made, potent and highly concentrated, with results you can count on.

Shoud You Buy Phen375 – Yes or Not?

Almost anyone in the world can order this weight loss pill. The starting weight has no relevancy – this is a product deemed effective even in the case of the morbidly obese. You also get a free diet plan along with other benefits (currently, the official site advertizes a bundle including the diet plan as well as a free cellulite reduction report).

Ordering is safe and you can notice changes as soon as you begin to take the product. Sure, the more you do for yourself, the bigger the weight loss, but Phen375 will still have a positive effect, although you refuse to exercise. It will suppress your appetite regardless, which means you will eat less and begin to lose pounds.

If you begin to take this supplement, then you should monitor your weight regularly, however. As you see the number on the scales go lower, you’ll feel more confident and happy about the results. This will help you stay motivated and continue to do more for your health and body image. Give it a couple of months to see it take full effect.

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