PhenQ for Extreme Weight Loss: What No One Told You about It

With the diet pills mimicking the action of the potent Phentermine, the weight loss industry has changed the destiny of many. Other supplements with this purpose are either dangerous or not powerful enough.

PhenQ seems to have addressed all issues – it is highly concentrated, achieves consistent fat loss and it promises to pose no big threat to one’s health. It is a controversial product though; does it really make one lose as much weight as it claims?

Doesn’t the weight return once you stop taking it? Are there no health risks? Below you will see PhenQ thoroughly reviewed, complete with consumer’s opinions and details about its unique ingredient combination.

Benefits of PhenQphenq review

PhenQ is an appetite suppressant, fat burner and energy booster all in one. It fights not one, but several causes of weight gain – especially hunger and cravings.

Endless hunger is what usually makes people overeat and pack on pounds. It’s very hard to fight against something that feels like a default state and an instinct.

Hunger calls to be satisfied and when it’s not, the individual becomes stressed out, irritable, exhausted. An appetite suppressing formula is the key to weight loss in this case.

If you take the pills as directed, with breakfast and then lunch, they will work in your favor and enable real changes in the way your body processes food. In addition, the pill increases the metabolism, so you can start burning more calories on a regular basis, without having to do anything else.

However, your lifestyle and dietary choices will eventually determine how much weight you’re going to lose. Therefore, you must pay attention to all the aspects involved. One of the best things about PhenQ is that it suppresses the appetite for about 3-4 hours, which means you won’t feel like snacking between meals anymore.

Besides, with each meal you eat less than usual, thanks to the filling effect. Have no stress about it, the effect lasts and is consistent through and through; it works the same way from the beginning to the day you stop taking it, unlike other pills, which may work only later or just for the start, then reach a plateau.


What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is an all-in-one diet pill solution that comes in a bottle with 60 pills; one must take two per day, never more or less. This is a weight loss solution engineered with a different approach. Unlike other diet pills, which focus on only one issue, this triggers several important changes. Thus, it:

  • boosts your energy,
  • suppresses the appetite,
  • burns fat.

It’s a multi-angled action that’s far more efficient than the standard supplements or the simple approaches. Once it starts reducing your hunger, it means you’re eating less calories and thus eliminating the number one cause for getting fat.

Next in line is the fat burning effect. PhenQ powers up your natural fat burning ability and melts away the adipose tissue you’ve stored by now.

And finally, through its stimulating effect, it gives you plenty of energy to schedule some exercise for each day. As long as you make your schedule changes regular and stick to the regimen, you will witness consistent weight loss while on the pill.

The good news is that you don’t need to exercise for hours, nor do you have to switch to a specific diet and cook meals you’re not used to (or which don’t appeal to you).

PhenQ Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in PhenQ are a novelty, while others are rather common ones. It’s the blend and the quantities that make the formulation powerful. These are the ingredients you should know about:

  • Capsimax Powder

This is actually based on Capsicum, or chili pepper extract, which increases blood circulation, thus helping the other ingredients travel through your bloodstream more efficiently. At the same time, it has a thermogenic effect, meaning it boosts the body’s temperature, thus helping burn more calories. You can burn this way up to 250 extra calories each day. It’s a well-known fat buster.

  • Caffeine

There is no secret about this one – caffeine is present in the coffee we drink, in espresso and various soft drinks. It is a stimulating substance that increases your focus and gets you to accomplish more. No wonder it is present in so many fitness supplements.

  • L-Carnitine

An ingredient frequently employed in bodybuilding supplements, L-Carnitine dislocates the lipids you stored and releases them into your blood stream. From there, these will go to the cells where they act as fuel, to generate the much-needed energy. Overall, this substance is known to increase one’s energy levels.

  • Chromium Picolinate

This is an appetite suppressant first of all, as it is involved in regulating your blood sugar levels. Its main action is to control your cravings, especially the sugary ones.

  • Calcium Carbonate

Do you tend to store fat in excess, although you’re rather expecting to have it burned away? If that is the situation, Calcium Carbonate can interfere in this metabolic issue and make you store less fat. We should all eat some fats because these are essential to health, but we’re not supposed to store lipids in excessive quantities. This form of calcium will help your body turn stored fat into energy. This is the main constituent of PhenQ but it hasn’t been fully researched yet, so we’re not aware of all its benefits.

  • Nopal cactus

An exotic plant, the Nopal cactus is known to scientists and especially to nutritionists because it has a high fiber content. The more fiber you ingest, the better your digestive function becomes. In addition, you get to feel full much sooner, thus preventing you from eating big amounts of food, also diminishing your appetite considerably. Plus, fiber absorbs water from your body; thus, it gets to lower your water weight that otherwise would make you look puffed.

phenq ingredients

PhenQ Side Effects

PhenQ side effects are not too frequently reported. Generally, it is considered a safe product, but still, it must be used cautiously at all times. This is because of two main reasons: it is powerful and certain ingredients may cause allergies to some. The content of caffeine may trouble certain consumers. If you are generally allergic or intolerant to it, you should avoid taking these pills.

The quantity is enough to stimulate one for the day. Also, if you are a regular coffee drinker or you take your caffeine from other sources, like soda or tea, then you should be aware of each dose.

Too much of it may have unpleasant consequences (even if you are usually drinking caffeinated beverages), such as tremors, palpitations or shortness of breath. In other people, it may cause headache and nausea, anxiety and an upset stomach. Sleep issues may arise. Constipation and gas have also been reported. It is also possible to get symptoms like excessive thirst, which could be a consequence of caffeine consumption.

Does PhenQ Work ?

There has been positive talk about PhenQ. The most intrigued category is represented by people who cannot control themselves when they begin to eat – the typical situation when you open a pack of biscuits but don’t stop until you finish it all.

This is not necessarily in the mind of the individual. It is often a habit that’s supported by our bodies.

A certain imbalance leads to unhealthy cravings and overeating, hampering our ability to control ourselves. It can simply be in our chemistry, after years of poor eating habits and bad choices.

Because it’s hard to fight against it all by yourself, you need something to help you out by interfering at a chemical level. This is what PhenQ does. Numerous consumers struggling with weight have noticed that it actually makes them feel less hungry and stay away from food for long hours. It can also cut out the snacking between meals as well as help you limit your portions and thus have less calories to store as fat.

PhenQ gives you a confidence boost as well. When you’re eating less and feeling more energetic, you’re like a renewed person; you begin to exercise, to be more active on a daily basis. This in turn helps you burn more calories.

It finally becomes possible to make big steps towards a lean figure. Through its clever blend of ingredients, the slimming pill affects your metabolism in a positive way. It improves the way the body burns fat and produces energy. It’s a synergistic action that combines the powers of several supplements into one.


Is PhenQ Safe?

This is a very frequent question and a totally legitimate one. In a supplements market where brands compete to bring innovative, attractive formulas for weight loss, a lot of these come up with downright harmful ‘solutions’.

Because of this, it is always good, if not life-saving, to ask about how safe a product is. PhenQ does not rely on any strange, unknown or harmful substances.

It’s all documented and safe. You may even take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, if you wish. Its action will be subtle yet visible with time.

Note that the pill should not be taken in the evening. This is because of its caffeine content. People happen to forget about the lunch dose and then take it later as they remember.

This isn’t a good practice, it can keep you up until late and make you use precious hours of sleep. Even if you usually go to the gym

in the evening, it’s still not a good idea to take the pill then. Other mild side effects are possible, which will usually come to pass. You may experience headaches but these tend to go away once your body gets accustomed to the new regime. Headaches don’t happen to everyone, though.

It’s the more sensible people who get them. PhenQ does not restrict your nutrient intake, therefore it is a friendly weight loss solution. It does not lead to deficiencies because you can still eat varied foods and get the whole spectrum of nutrients. It just switches off that part in your brain that gets you hungry too often and silences your cravings.

PhenQ Customer Reviews

There is a lot of talk regarding PhenQ. It appears it has a strong action regardless of how much one weights initially.

Apart from this, one should note that it works better when you give it more time and especially when you make healthy lifestyle changes.

In three months it helped certain people lose close to 50 pounds. It’s up to your personal efforts.

The best results were obtained when people exercised on an empty stomach, right after having taken one dose. This is a trick that can be used by pretty much anyone, so it’s worth remembering it.

Results were obtained with any vigorous calorie-burning activity, not just with lifting weights, but also with swimming, doing pushups, running etc. According to the existent reviews, one loses an average of 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Most claim they have enjoyed consistent results.

If they wanted to do it all over again, it would work just the same way (the body does not ‘get used’ to the effect). PhenQ helped those who tried dieting before but never obtained the desired results; on the contrary, they experienced the frustration of putting on more weight than before. This is because diets can be so tricky. Food deprivation and nutrient restrictions can have a complex impact on the subtle processes within the body. The whole metabolism can be jeopardized.

In consequence, the body may get to store more of the calories it consumes, leading to fat gain. PhenQ solves the issue of hunger, cravings, low energy and bad mood, as reported by numerous consumers. The vibe is generally very positive.

Besides, you don’t have to wait much for the first effects to show. Although you may not start slimming right away, you will immediately feel a change in your levels of energy and that will be ongoing – meaning on a daily basis. Soon, many finally feel motivated to begin exercising on their own. From this to a regular gym schedule, there was only one step.

phenq customer reviews

PhenQ Results

This innovative formulation will work regardless of your mental state when you begin the treatment. Just start it and see what happens. As the reviews revealed, consumer were feeling down about their looks and all the efforts that were in vain. Some were even depressed and unwilling top put any more effort into slimming down.

It does not matter how you’re feeling, the PhenQ ingredients will start to work on their own and create change. It’s no placebo effect here, you don’t need to believe in it in order to work. It will take action on its own. Once you’re experiencing heightened energy levels, it takes no more exercising than 20 to 30 minutes per day if you want to help yourself and speed up the results. In general, it is a very good idea to do so.

The more you work out, the more efficiently you burn the fat and keep it away. This is what fuels the most spectacular results. As for your daily food, you can allow yourself some ‘decadent’ meals every now and then, as other consumers have.

Therefore, you can treat yourself to a pizza or whichever food you like as long as you don’t make it a habit. In fact, you will no longer crave such foods as often as you used to, because your metabolism is reset and your body prefers the healthier options out there.

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PhenQ FAQ Answered

How much does one need to exercise while on PhenQ?

You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym for hours to melt the fat away. With the pill, it’s enough if you just exercise 25 minutes daily.

What is the maximum amount of weight one can lose?

According to consumers, it is possible to lose 30 pounds in one month only, with regular exercise and dietary changes. You shouldn’t expect the same results for everyone, though. In fact, it can be harmful to push the limits and lose too much weight within a short period of time.

Will it work for men and women?

Yes, PhenQ does not have anything to do with sex hormones or anything else that differs between men and women. It acts on mechanisms that are the same in everyone.

Should bodybuilders take PhenQ for fat burning?

They can, since the product is an efficient fat burner, but it is advised to do so only during cutting times. PhenQ suppresses hunger and makes one stop eating. If you are trying to bulk up, then it may hinder you from reaching your goal.

Will the weight come back?

This is quite the nightmare – to try hard to slim down, then see all the weight return. You can prevent this from happening if you take the pill occasionally – for, let’s say, once or twice a week. This is the maintenance dose and it really helps.


Being fat, in many cases, isn’t just an issue of eating too much or not exercising. The causes can be complex and hard to track. Usually, it is a bundle of issues that fuel one another, leading to endless frustration.

Your body is weighed down, you lack the energy to exercise, you stay sedentary, you pack more pounds, you’re feeling miserable and then you compensate your bad mood by overeating.

It seems like a loop you’re never getting out of. In a terrible situation like that, it’s impossible to turn things around unless you have some kind of ace up your sleeve.

PhenQ can be this ace. It is the weight loss solution that intervenes right where change is needed. It has an ‘in-depth’ action that controls your relationship with food, one might say. It fights the lethargy and helps you have an active lifestyle, with positive consequences on your overall health.

Plus, it triggers a faster metabolism – the key to burning fat efficiently, like you are naturally supposed to. If you are truly committed to losing weight and don’t just expect to see changes overnight, this diet pill will get you to reach your target. The main condition: you must give it time and be serious about losing weight for the long term.

Should You Buy PhenQ – Yes or Not?

PhenQ can turn your life around and make you lose a significant amount of excessive weight. It will make you more confident and you will be going out more, wearing the clothes you want, enjoying life much more than before. Your weight will consistently go down when you use it regularly and continuously.

If you don’t like how it goes, you can benefit of a 60-day money back guarantee if you purchased the product on the official website. You will lose weight for weeks and even months on end and it will make you feel more confident, free to pursue various hobbies, to enjoy more physical activity without getting tired too quickly and stop being so self-conscious.

PhenQ is the solution for the discouraged ones who think they will carry the extra weight forever. Because it is a pharmacy-grade pill, it has a quick and powerful action. Just be cautious and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Also, be mindful of all the other recommendations.

Concerning the money, many have reported that PhenQ is no financial burden to them. Since it makes one eat less and stay away from on-the-go snacks bought in town, it actually leads to some important daily savings. Instead of spending on so much extra food (which you no longer require), you’re keeping the money for the pills.

During the treatment with PhenQ, you may or may not weigh yourself. Some people find this helpful, as they get to see every little progress they make. Others are only after the big results at the end, so they refrain from looking at the scales. It’s up to you which way you choose.


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